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The Minister has asked me to pass on my congratulations for a truly entertaining and educational way of using music that teaches children about healthy eating and exercise. encouraging the use of healthy food and engaging the interest of young children in eating more healthily can only assist in promoting a more balanced approach to nutrition and developing healthy habits for life.

Sarah McNamara for
The Hon Dr Brendan Nelson MP
The Minster of Education, Science and Training

As a music teacher in the U.S.A. and Australia , I have used Matthew Perry musicals with great success.
The shows are always fun and are filled with great songs and dialogue. There are plenty of learning opportunities in each package and the shows can be used by both small and large schools.
I heartily recommend these musicals for your next primary production.

Mark Pritchard
The Catlin Gable School
Portland Oregon

Last Thursday I was in the audience for “Safari”, one of those magical productions written by Matthew Perry.
The boys had a ball, camouflaged in everything from octopus’ legs to gum leaves, bees wings and the environmental message woven throughout the performance gave the parents plenty to think about as they drove their little bugs and beasts home at the end of the night.
“Safari” is both informative and entertaining and was a fantastic success.

Stuart Meade
The Hale School Perth
Western Australia

Matthew Perry’s musical “Vaudeville” was a heart warming production which allowed us to discover the hidden talents that exist in our school community.

Lyn Smith
Assistant Principal
Pottsville Beach Public School

I am an Environmental Facilitator working with Team solutions,
University of Auckland , Faculty of Education.
Currently I am working with a small rural school in South Auckland , helping to produce your musical “Safari”.
It is great!!!

Beryl Oppert
New Zealand.

I just wanted to write and let you know how much I am enjoying using your music to teach my K-6 music classes at St Anthony’s in Wanniassa Canberra.
I am an exchange teacher from Canada (Ottowa) and find your resources really easy to use. Thanks for that!
I have just purchased a copy of “Rocks to Rap” and have been using it to teach the history of music timeline to my older students.

Lynn Baltzer
St Anthony’s School

I am working on your musicals “Rock around the Christmas Tree”, “The Circus Show” and “The Pirate Cantata” with the students from Warialda School and we have had great success in winning the North West Regional Waste to Art competition, Bronze in the Wakkakirri Story-Dance competition and 7 th place in the Inverell Eisteddfod.
We also assisted the students of Ross Hill School by lending them 90 costumes from our production of “Safari”.
Thank you for your great shows.

Brenda Payne
Warialda Public School

We are just coming down from the high of the performance of “Safari” last night.
It was absolutely fantastic. We are a small disadvantaged school a Bowraville with lots of Koori Children.
We had full participation from all K-6 students and the choir learnt the songs and we interspersed other dance items throughout the show and I adapted the script so a narrator did most of the talking.
It was the first time the school attempted an evening performance and it was very well attended.
You are really talented and I love your musicals.
Thank you so much!

Wendy Ritchie
Bowraville Public School

I had the pleasure of attending one of your workshops at the John Botchie Nursery School today.
It was fabulous.

Dyana Maloney
Preschool Teacher

The concert is over now and I wanted to let you know what a great success it was.
“Vaudeville’ was wonderful and taught the children so much about entertainment at that time in history.
We did lot’s of dance steps and included individual class items as well.
I love the adaptability of your musicals!
I also love the way in which you capture the feel of the musical style with great backing tracks.
What a talent!!!

Jayne Zadow
St Michaels Lutheran School
Hahndorf South Australia

Thanks for getting back to me so quickly and for arranging to send “Safari”
I was involved in the production of “Safari” at my previous school,
The International School of Zanzibar in Tanzania .
The songs are really great for kids (and the audience) and the message of environmental preservation is perfect for the children of today so well done! We are in a remote area of PNG and there is a large copper/gold mine not so far from the school.
We are looking forward to staging “Safari” in December.

Grant Sharpe
Deputy Pricipal
Tabubil School
Papua New Guinea

Matthew Perry is an experienced composer, musician and children’s music teacher and this wealth of experience is aptly demonstrated in his latest song book and CD “Aussie Rhyme and Song Sing-along.”
This is a great introduction to music for Aussie kids and a valuable resource for both parents and teachers. Bonza!

Cassy Cochrane
Sydney ’s Child
November 2005

We did our production of “Tribe” with the whole school, around 280 students.
After researching tribes, customs, rituals each class became a Tribe of their own.
We had many parents involved in aspects of the production and have received very positive feedback from the wider community. Most important of all, the children had a fantastic journey.

Sue Jamison
Little Grove Primary School
Western Australia

This musical package made it so easy for us to put on the show.
Everything was provided including the script, lyric sheets, piano/vocal score, backing tracks and a beautiful Nativity.
Our performance of “A Convict Christmas” was a great success.

J. White Year 5 teacher
St Mary’s Primary School
Western Sydney N.S.W.

The show united our whole community, bringing people together from up to 100 kms away to become involved.
We are a small country school so it was wonderful to involve so many people in the behind the scenes success of the production.
I particularly liked the music, songs and extension ideas from “Tribe”

Robyn Allanby
K-6 teacher
Central Primary School

This was our second musical production by Matthew Perry and as with the last one, the staff and students enjoyed the process of rehearsing and performing
“What’s Cooking?” a great deal.
We had a terrific response from the audience and look forward to the next one.

A. Mentze
Performing Arts teacher
St Michaels College
Melbourne VIC

I think your songs are really great for children and I especially liked all the percussion and dance work in “Tribe”
It reminds me a little of Orff’s work for children.

J. Matthews
Primary teacher
New Zealand

“Music Time” has been a great resource in my classroom encouraging all of us to sing, clap, say. listen and move to the many diverse musical arrangements of familiar rhymes and songs.
The extension activities in the CD booklet are easy to follow and great fun.

Jenny Callum
Year 2 teacher
North Beach Infants School

Our puppetry performance of “Safari” last year was FANTASTIC!
The parents were amazed with the results and it was so easy to put on a good show with the script that could be developed for each class.
The development and production time was half of what it is normally and there was no heartache.
The production was very child centred and from my point of view as musical director and general production manager, the support material in your package was easy to use and made life uncomplicated.
I would highly recommend your material to collegues looking for child centred works that could involve large numbers of performers.
We had 80 + students on stage from K- Year 7!
Thanks for your inspirational material!

Cheryl Bancroft
Music Specialist
Moerlina Primary School

Thank you so much for sending us “Tribe” and “Safari”.
They are both wonderful.
“Safari” is an excellent environmental resource.
Thank you again.

Margaret Roots
Primary teacher
St Mary’s College

I enjoyed listening to your CD “Music Time”, especially some of your new, fresh arrangements of traditional songs, rhymes and games.
I will certainly add it to resources lists for our early childhood students.

Louie Suthers PhD
Senior Lecturer
Institiute of Early Childhood
Macquarie University

We have performed three of your musicals and all were extremely successful.
My two Grade Four’s did “Haunted” and “The Pirate Cantata” and both performances were very well received.
We used the songs from “One World” for a massed item at the end of year concert. Each grade was dressed in a colour from the rainbow and we had 450 students on stage creating a huge rainbow. It was really spectacular! The kids really love your songs.
Keep up the good work!

Hilary Treweek
Camberwell Primary School

Well the curtains have closed on “Vaudeville” up here in sunny Queensland . I am sure you will be pleased to hear that the show was a resounding success with our school hall filled to capacity on both nights.
Staff, parents and children were delighted with the results.
Thanks for writing such a wonderful show!

Julia Richardson
Oxley State School

As a music teacher in International Schools I have used your wonderful material for many years in schools around the world from Saudi Arabia , Gaza and Turkey.
Well done on your great publications!

Tony Brimo
International School

RE: “Tribe” performance by Star of the Sea Primary School

I write to congratulate all the students and teachers involved in the wonderful performance you presented at Parliament House in Perth .
Not only was the performance of “Tribe” a wonderful musical performed brilliantly by all involved, it was also on a topic that is so important to all in our community.
All of you sang, danced and spoke with true professionalism and it was truly a pleasure to be in the audience.
Once again, thanks you for bringing your performance of ‘Tribe” to Parliament House.

David Templeman MLA
Member for Mandurah
Western Australia

Matthew Perry’s musicals give children of all ages a unique opportunity to perform. They are packed with fun, music and messages for both the performers and their audiences.
I recommend them to all educators.

Sheila Cammidge
Mistress In Charge
Cranbrook Prep School

Re: “What’s Cooking?”

Last night was wonderful. The best infants production I have ever seen.
Others thought so too!

John Vallance
Sydney Grammar School

Congratulations to all of you on a fantastic performance of “What’s Cooking?”.
It was, without doubt THE BEST children’s musical I have ever seen.
The music was great, the lyrics were clever and the costuming stunning.
Not only that but it was fabulous to see a musical that actually had meaning for the kids too!

Rita Fin
Music Master
Sydney Grammar School

What The Students Say.........

I would like to tell Matthew Perry that he did a wonderful job constructing the songs. I really liked the “Finale”. It was my favourite.


I would like to say thanks for writing “Vaudeville” because we have had a chance to experience the trip back in time.


If I was to tell Matthew Perry it would be that you write wonderful songs and the best ones I have probably heard.
BD 5/6A

If I was to tell one thing about the show it would be how it was awesome and that you were intelligent to think up something so great.

Dear Matthew Perry, I loved the music you made.
NH 5/6A

The show was so great!
NL 5/6A

I would say to Matthew Perry that the show was great because all the old people liked it as well as the young people.

I would say thank you for doing it.
DR 4/5 A

It’s the best show in theatre business!

I loved your songs and music. Everyone had a great time because of your songs. Thank you very much. You’re great!
JBH 4/5A

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