Childhood music education has never been this much fun. Following the huge success of Matthew Perrys Rhyme and Song Singalong comes Aussie Rhyme and Song Singalong. All your family's favourite Australian songs are here - 'Click go the Shears', 'Waltzing Matilda', 'Botany Bay' - and others are newly written - 'The Bondi Boogie' and 'The Cockatoo Flap'.

AUSSIE ROAD TRIP provides a book and CD package full of wonderful entertaining and informative original songs for young children that encourage participation through singing, movement and activities to accompany your Australian journey. Each song in the book has activities and travel tips for your entertainment and information.

Aussie Rhyme And Song Sing-Along

Aussie Road Trip Sing-Along
Early childhood music education activities
Early childhood music education activities
\Created especially for the under-fives by leading children’s music specialist Matthew Perry, this book and CD pack contains interactive musical activities to accompany all your family’s favourite nursery rhymes and songs.
Music Education Activities with Matthew Perry 
An enjoyable music resource for parents, carers, children and teachers. Each song, dance, rhyme and listening exercise reinforces fundamental music skills. Children will be encouraged to say, listen, clap, dance and sing. Includes extension activities for the home or classroom. 
Suitable for Early Years.
A performing arts resource for Primary
Early childhood music education activities
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