20 items for assemblies, concerts and special theme days covering topics including food, family, mini beasts, gold, ANZACS, Indigenous Australians, convicts, water, Christmas and more. Each 10 minute item includes many small speaking parts, a great song and extension opportunities. Double CD with vocal and instrumental versions included.


20 Great items linking the creative & performing arts to other subject areas
Filled with easy to use activities and lots of
examples, this wonderful resource will help
you make valuable use of all those assorted 
percussion instruments in your classroom.
Play the beat, rhythms, and accompaniments
as you chant, sing, play, perform and learn.
Great for class music & performance groups.
Easy, playable arrangements of traditional 
      songs including Kum Ba Ya, This Old Man,
      Song of Joy, Coming 'Round the Mountain,
Lightly Row, The Saints and many others. The material from this album can be used 
for assemblies, concerts, theme days or just for learning and fun in the classroom!
A performing arts resource for Primary
Songs for Voices, Glocks, Xylophones and Piano
enhance your Christmas song repertoire with a fresh collection of original and traditional songs from Australia and around the world, package includes songs with lyrics, vocal score and a CD  with performances & backing tracks suitable for Years K-6
Another collection of wonderful Christmas 
      songs & arrangements to enhance your <br>
      end of year performance repertoire. 
      Includes an infants Christmas medley,
      partner carols and original and traditional 
      Christmas songs with performances and
      backing tracks.
Composed & Arranged By Matthew Perry
Composed & Arranged By Matthew Perry
This package contains entertaining & educational poems & songs for children about environmental issues & our world. The material from this album can be used
      for assemblies, concerts, theme days or just for fun in the classroom!
Sing, dance and celebrate our cultural diversity and peace with this wonderful collection of songs. Includes Finales from the Festivals of Cultures at the Sydney Opera House and traditional songs of peace. Piano/vocal score and a CD with performances.
Composed & Arranged By Matthew Perry
Songs celebrating Cultural Diversity & Peace
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